Butterfly Medical

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MIS - Minimally Invasive System, Implantable
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Regulatory Approval

Butterfly Medical is developing a minimally invasive treatment for enlarged prostate (BPH).

BPH is the most prevalent disease in aging men, causing difficulties in urination, significantly affecting quality of life. Drugs and surgical procedures are widely used but are associated with side effects and complications.

The Butterfly device is a metallic implant, delivered in a matter of minutes, under local anesthesia. The Butterfly device retracts the lateral lobes of the prostate and restores urine flow without inflicting any damage to the prostate tissue.

Initial clinical data shows very promising results with patients who needed a permanent catheter before the Butterfly procedure came off the catheter aft

er a 10-minutesd procedure.

The market is looking for simpler and safer BPH treatments to replace surgeries and chronic drug use. In that market, Butterfly Medical offers the best treatment available:

  • Less invasive compared to any other BPH treatment available
  • The only treatment that can be delivered with a flexible delivery system (less pain)
  • The only treatment that is fully reversible if needed

The Butterfly device is approved for use in Europe (CE Mark) and the company is exploring various distribution channels.