BRH Medical

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Pain Management, Wound Management, Diabetics

BRH Medical has developed a groundbreaking technology that relieves acute and chronic pain in areas where standard of care is poor, particularly nerve compression syndrome, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Diabetic Neuropathic foot pain and other expressions of neuropathy. The company’s vision is to provide clinicians worldwide with a noninvasive, long-lasting treatment for pain relief that can reduce the use of opioids and improve patient quality of life. The company’s new therapeutic approach incorporates advanced Ultrasound & Electric Field Stimulation with proprietary algorithms. Unlike any other ultrasound device, the BRH approach bypasses the skin’s impedance and effectively whirlpools the blood in the deeper layers of the body. This promotes the recovery of blood vessels, reducing inflammation and drastically reducing pain.

BRH was founded for bringing hope to patients suffering from chronic wounds. After several clinics began treating such patients with BRH, it was discovered that beyond the technology’s amazing results in helping to heal wounds, it has potential to cause an unprecedented disruption in the realms of pain treatment.

We are proud to add this new and exciting pain management product to our product line.

The ActiVessel system has been approved in the US (FDA), Europe (CE mark), Australia (TGA) Israel (AMAR), Taiwan & Singapore. The BRH System is currently installed in leading clinics around the world, and has successfully treated over 1,000 patients in Australia, South Africa, England, Italy, Singapore, Israel and the United States.