BRH Medical, Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Wound Management, Diabetics
Company Status:
Clinical trials, Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

BRH Medical develops, manufactures and markets high technology solutions for the care and treatment of chronic wounds. Founded by Ilan Fefferberg, a serial entrepreneur, and headed by Motti Oderberg, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, the company’s goal is to develop the gold standard in chronic wound treatment and become a leader in the field. The company’s first product, BRH-2A, is currently being used successfully in wound clinics around the world and has proved effective in closing wounds in several clinical studies.

The BRH-2A system implements a novel, patented technology that combines therapeutic ultrasound and electrical fields at varying frequencies and intensities. The BRH System is the only one of its kind to include an advanced database for patient and wound management, together with an accurate wound measuring and documentation platform.

Technology & Product(s)

BRH Medical develops and manufactures the BRH-2A system for the treatment of chronic wounds, specifically diabetic foot wounds and venous leg ulcers. The BRH system implements a novel, patented technology that combines therapeutic ultrasound with electrical fields. The BRH System also includes an accurate wound measuring and documentation platform for patient and wound management.

The BRH technology facilitates the healing of deep wounds by stimulating the wounded region using a combined ultrasound and electric field modality to encourage increased blood circulation to the wound. The ultrasound waves are transmitted at specific frequencies and intensities to the wounded region of the body and works simultaneously with the electric fields.

The BRH System has proven success in the reduction of wound pain as well as wound closure. A published study showed that after only one month of treatments, more than 50% of the Diabetic Foot Ulcers responded positively and resulted in wound closure. These results were consistent with the clinical results of a study of Pressure Ulcers recently completed.

The BRH System is currently installed in leading wound clinics around the world, including Australia, South Africa, England, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and Israel with over 800 patients benefitting from over 12,000 treatments.

The BRH System meets ISO quality requirements and has received the CE mark, TGA and has made its submission to the FDA.


Objectives: Identify potential partners and distributors.
Target businesses: Similar companies, agents distributors.
Target Countries: Germany, U.K., Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, USA, China.