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Orthopedic, Pediatrics, Rehabilitation, Neurology & Degenerative Disease

Leading designer and manufacturer of affordable rehabilitation technologies

Designed by experienced therapists, Bobo’s products are simple and accessible fitness and rehabilitation tools that live up to the Bo&Bo Ltd company motto of “fun as a method to achieve goals”. By turning traditional training products into wireless, integrative and smart training platforms, Bobo’s products better motivate people to stick with their training programs, making the workouts much more challenging, engaging and fun.

Providing training for all performance levels and ages, bobo’s products are revolutionizing the fitness, training and rehabilitation fields! With customers that include physical therapy clinics, chiropractors, wellness clinics, professional fitness centers, leading hospitals, sports clinics, military outfits, personal trainers and more.

– The balance training systems include a revolutionary training board that converts traditional balance devices into integrative and smart training platforms. The professional systems also include a console device (tablet/AIO) that operates/monitors the training programs, balance tests and games, including a large and diverse assortment of free Android tilt apps and games.

– The wearable product – “bobo motion” enables real-time joint motion tracking on your smartphone or tablet. The clinician can set ROM parameters according to MD protocol or the patient’s needs. Bluetooth Motion Sensor accurately measures patient ROM and compliance. Patient Monitoring – Quickly see how your patients are progressing with their therapy. Gamified Experience – The motivational experience encourages patients to reach their goals.

BO&BO is ISO 13485 certified and all products are CE-marked.