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Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Neurology & Degenerative Disease
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bo&bo Ltd was initiated by hard-working physiotherapists driven to find ways to keep their patients motivated.

Designed by their experienced therapists, bo&bo’s bobo Pro is a simple and accessible fitness and rehabilitation tool that lives up to the company’s motto of “fun as a method to achieve goals”. Because exercise and balance training can often be inherently boring, monotonous and painful, the bobo Pro’s games and training programs transform these activities into fun, with enjoyable challenges.

The bobo Pro is simple to use as a plug-and-play, based on the Android OS and an intuitive user-interface, and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors.

The complete training system includes:

boboBOARD – a smart board that mounts on any kind of balance training devices and turn them into integrative and smart training platforms. Enables a wide range of training poses and exercise levels.

boboTAB – a breakthrough Android tablet that that integrates all mobile tilt games into traditional balance training. Controlled by the bobo’s movements, the tablet supports bobo-provided games and professional training programs as well as a large and diverse assortment of free Android tilt apps and games.

Data is collected during the training session and automatically processed into detailed reports for further clinical analysis.

The bobo Pro from bo&bo is revolutionizing the fitness, training and rehabilitation fields, with customers that include physiotherapy clinics, professional fitness centers, leading hospitals, sports clinics, military outfits and personal trainers.

BO&BO is ISO 13485 certified and boboPRO is CE-marked.