Therapeutic Area(s):
Orthopedic, Rehabilitation, Neurology & Degenerative Disease
Company Status:
Initial Revenues, Regulatory Approval

Company at a Glance

BOBO is a revolutionary training board that converts traditional balance devices into interactive gaming platforms. This technology dramatically increases patient engagement and enables performance measurement and personalized treatment.

BOBO was successfully launched in March 2016 in Israel, targeting the professional training and rehabilitation market – both in commercial institutions and on a consumer level as well. Our clients include leading Hospitals, HMO’s, Physical Therapy Practices, Personal Trainers, Exercise Centers and the IDF- Military.

BO&BO teamed up with leading medical and nursing centers, in performing field research and testing of the device. BO&BO is ISO 13485 certified and obtained CE-mark and FDA listing for BOBO™.

Technology & Product(s)

BO&BO is introducing two new training products:

  1. boboPRO: Designed for professional use by clinicians and healthcare providers, is a smart board that mounts traditional balance training products. Enable wide range of training poses and Meets all exercise levels + a tablet based console, controlled by the smart board movements. Runs hundreds of tilt based games and supports professional training programs.
    The BoBoPRO system is user-friendly, just plug-and-play. Based on the Android OS and an intuitive UI. It can easily be mounted on a wall, a table or be used outdoors — guaranteeing simple and smooth practice sessions. Not only is The BoBoPRO affordable but cost effective as well. BoBoPRO guides the user from A to Z, freeing up the trainer to treat more than one patient at once.
  2. boboHOME: Designed for home users, is a smart mini-board that connects to the user’s smartphone and can be used anywhere. Offering fun balance games and professional training sessions at affordable price and friendly interface.
    BOBO personal AI trainer – analyze user performance and customize programs based on advanced algorithms. Data is collected during the training session and automatically processed to detailed reports for further clinical and business analysis.


Objectives: Finding new business partners worldwide. Meet key partners. Expand business
Target businesses: Distributers, Hospitals/rehabilitation clinics, private physiotherapists
Target Countries: Worldwide