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Inflammation, General Health, Infectious Diseases, Pediatrics, Women's Health
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Revenue Growth

BMT Diagnostics Ltd. was founded in 2004 and has been active in developing, manufacturing and marketing rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) in Israel and internationally. Focused initially on introducing rapid diagnostic tests to pharmacies and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) for self- and professional testing, BMT has led the adoption of Strep A RDT as a first-line screening tool by physicians and patients. This has created a new market opportunity, opening the door to additional tests that bridge the patient-physician chasm.

BMT has pioneered a first of its kind, simple-to-use, integrated device for Strep A testing under its Lab-On-Time Trade Mark. Test performance using this device reduces the number of test performance steps and eliminates the need for reagent mixing and dispensing. This allows the healthcare professional to focus on the patient rather than dealing with cumbersome test performance steps and procedure. Test operation simply involves throat swabbing by the device’s swab tip, followed by its transfer to a test tube containing an extraction reagent and results reading.

BMT’s Strep A RDT is being used by leading Israeli HMOs and directly marketed through Israeli pharmacies for professional use. Patients buy these tests at pharmacies and bring them to their family physicians for test performance. This marketing strategy has been successfully implemented since 2005, growing into an estimated 500K tests sold each year to Israeli pharmacies and HMO. BMT forecasts that the Lab-On-Time™ Strep A RDT device, which has been CE-marked since 2016, will further expand this market, replacing currently-used, multi-step RDT.