BMT Diagnostics

Monitoring, In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), Mobile Healthcare
Women's Health, Infectious Disease, Oncology

Production of rapid diagnostics test patent & App

BMT Diagnostics Ltd. was founded in 2008 and has been active in developing, manufacturing and marketing rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) in Israel and internationally. Focused initially on introducing rapid diagnostic for POC, Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), pharmacies , hospitals, laboratories, BMT has led the adoption of RDT- Based patent or App- a first-line screening tool by physicians and patients.

BMT has pioneered a first of its kind, simple-to-use, integrated device for Strep A testing and App of FOB (Fecal Occult Blood) Rapid Diagnostics Test.

Test performance using Strep A & test based on swab testing device reduces the number of test performance steps and completely eliminates the need for reagent mixing and dispensing. This allows the healthcare professional to focus on the patient rather than dealing with cumbersome test performance steps and procedure.

BMT is in the process of developing additional swab-based tests based on its Lab-On-Time™ platform.

BMT has international patent application covering its core swab-based integrated sampling and testing device platform, which is currently at National Phase.

BMT has developed a rapid test that screens for colon cancer using Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) as a biomarker in combination with a mobile-based application enabling the self-performance of this test by individuals at risk.