Blossom K.C.

Healthcare IT
Hospital Units/Clinics, Medical Administration
Therapeutic Area(s):
General Health, Proactive Risk Management
Company Status
Revenue Growth

Automate & Streamline your healthcare organization with Blossom, use Blossom to acquire and manage your medical center accreditation.

Using the Blossom platform enables a significant improvement in the accuracy and in the effectiveness of medical teams and their work processes. With Blossom you can give better patient care to more patients with a more robust infrastructure: cut costs with improved procedures and resource planning, access your staff’s credentials and manage your accreditation progress online – driving your medical center forward with data-driven decisions at every turn.

Reduce mistakes, do more with less  – Blossom helps staff who are immersed in their day to day responsibilities, preventing them from making costly, avoidable errors. Blossom automates manual processes that can be time-draining. The most labor-intensive medical & support staff administrative tasks are combined into one cross-platform user-friendly interface that is interconnected with the medical Centre’s core processes and procedures. The processes in Blossom are generated by actions, not by typing, and are therefore very accurate.

See what’s happening anytime from anywhere – Blossom brings a new level of visibility to the organization, providing all levels of management with top down reports from many different angles, connecting all data into one centralized place that creates visibility and transparency anytime, from anywhere – even on your mobile. The mobile accessibility and the multiple reminders and alerts means immediate actions can be made on the go, without the hassle of having to find a desktop computer.