Biovo Technologies

Medical Devices
Disposable, Medical Equipment
Therapeutic Area(s):
Respiratory, Intensive Care, Operating Room, Oral & Dental Care
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Biovo Technologies – Airway Medix – develop and market a line of disposable respiratory devices used for mechanically ventilated patients. As a unifying theme, the company products goal is to improve infections prevention while lowering nurse work load. The products offer innovative medical solutions with extraordinary value for patients and clinicians, while remaining cost effective.

Our Main products are:

The Cuffix – The first disposable continuous cuff pressure regulator with built-in precision pressure gauge. Cuffix automatically adjusts the cuff balloon pressure to keep it stable at the desired level, while also continuously displaying the pressure value. “Connect and forget” – The device completely eliminates the need of nurses to examine and correct the tracheal tube cuff pressure.

B-care Oral Care – Better treatment at a lower cost. Featuring a Disposable electric toothbrush with integrated delivery of oral disinfectant or moisturizing solution, B-care Oral Care ensures a thorough clean and hydration of the whole oral cavity, so you can prevent infections and send your patients home with healthy teeth and gums. The kit system is flexibly adaptable to any hospital protocol of oral care, thereby reducing waste of unused components in competing products.