BioT Medical

Medical IoT Software Component
Computing, Software, Medical IoT Platforms, Medical IoT consulting and implementation

BioT: Driving healthcare innovators to join the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) revolution by simplifying how they connect their medical devices.

We help struggling innovators to orchestrate the right solutions to efficiently connect their medical Things, so that they, in turn, can focus on improving quality of life for people everywhere.

Optimal medical device connectivity requires higher levels of complexity and performance than currently provided by broad-spectrum IoT platforms.

BioT is home for expert IoT, cloud & mobile app engineers, and has years of experience developing outstanding solutions for connected healthcare products. We’ve productized our accumulated know how and deep expertise in how medical things work to create the BioT™ platform, a fully ownable ground to cloud solution, designed to provide healthcare entrepreneurs with freedom to operate through complete ownership of their source-code and data, and allow CTOs to quickly and affordably connect their devices.

An IoMT-specific solution, the BioT™ platform is flexible, secure, and cloud-agnostic, saving innovators the need to “reinvent the wheel” for their own device. The platform’s integrated features cover multiple healthcare-related functions, including regulation compliance, V&V protocols, patient adherence management, remote patient monitoring and many more.

From device, through advanced simulations, to web/mobile app, the BioT™ platform covers all basics, promoting scalability with minimum cost and effort and providing innovators with full data and source-code IP ownership.

We are already integrated in many outstanding innovations that are having lifechanging impact today.

We make medical things happen.