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Improved Identification of Cancerous & Pre-cancerous Cells

Biop Medical, founded in 2013, has developed an innovative technology for identification of cancerous cells in epithelium tissues. Biop’s platform technology will be implemented in a number of devices for cancer screening and diagnosis, beginning with advanced screening for cervical cancer.

Biop’s advanced digital colposcopy system combines a standard external approach with superior optics and a unique internal guidance system using 2 modules:

– The Biop Digital Colposcope Module
– The Biop Micro-Colposcope Probe

Biop’ novel system combines advanced, high-resolution optics with integrated micro and macro cameras and additional optical elements to produce highly sensitive optical signatures for automatic identification of suspicious areas and quantification of the cancer stage. The data collected is combined and analyzed via Biop’s proprietary algorithm.

Biop’s technology will increase accuracy and serve as an aid to physicians and operators.

The advanced system identifies areas suspect for cancerous cells in epithelium tissues, generating a real-time map of the cervix. This map guides operators to suspect areas for precise sampling of tissues.

Big data analytics and AI capabilities will improve the algorithm over time. Stored data will be available for comparison and follow-up of lesions via the Electronic Medical Records.

Commercialization will begin in 2020.