B-Cure Laser

Medical Devices
Medical Equipment
Therapeutic Area(s):
Diabetics, Oral & Dental Care, Inflammation, Orthopedic, Wound Management, Veterinary, Rehabilitation
Company Status:
Revenue Growth
“B-Cure Laser” is a break-through Innovation in the laser technology, a Patented mobile Medical device presented by an International company in the fields of:
• Pain Management / orthopedic conditions / musculoskeletal conditions with the devices “Classic” and “Sport”
• Wounds Inc. hard to heal / diabetic ulcers / pressure wounds with the devices “Pro”
• Dental for Dentists and patients
• Vet for Veterinarians and pet owners
The efficacy of the different models is supported by a great double blind clinical trials results. All models have CE mark.
The future business growth will be in heavily R&D support in the B2B Hospitals and Clinics Wound care, focus on Nursing at the patients Home, along with the B2C Pain management, Dental and vet, by cooperating with Multinationals.
B-Cure Laser : The Main study findingsSapienza University in Rome:

The same efficacy as medication, without the adverse effects
University of Parma:
%50 decrease in pain level within two weeks compared to %8 in the control group
A significant decline in the number of patients suffering from “severe pain”.
San Paulo University:
Effective in rehabilitation and treatment of inflammations, and reduction of post-operative pain.
Hadassah Jerusalem Hospital
12 weeks of daily B-Cure Laser Pro treatments significantly decrease wound size in patients with diabetic foot ulcers compared to sham irradiated controls.
The results of the double blind clinical trial which was presented on DEC 14th in the IOA Conference in Tel-Aviv