B-Cure Laser

Therapeutic Area(s):
Diabetics, Oral & Dental Care, Inflammation, Orthopedic, Wound Management, Veterinary, Rehabilitation
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

B-Cure Laser Pro- Diabetic Foot Ulcers- NEW outstanding Double blind CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS
B-CURE LASER is the world’s first portable Evidence base Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) medical device with the Healing Power of a clinic: For treating efficiently hard to heal wounds, Orthopedic conditions, and to alleviate pain. Our goal is to bring innovation in treatment, medical care, and quality of life.
New double blind clinical trials for both wound healing and orthopedic conditions support the efficacy.
Diabetic Foot Ulcer CLINICAL TRIAL- results:
Preliminary results of a double blind clinical trial: 7 of 10 patients of the active B-cure Laser Pro group had >90% wound closure,(4 had a complete closure),vs only 1 of 9 of the placebo group, within up to 12 weeks of treatments , p=0.019 by Fisher Exact Probability Test. Comparing % closure-Placebo vs Active:
16% vs 84.6% in the Active group, P=0.033 by 2 sided exact Mann-Whitney U test. Both groups were treated in addition with gold standard same dressings.
The treatment method is also significantly effective to treat pressure wounds, cuts, burns, and post operation wounds.

Technology & Product(s)

B-CURE LASER is a technological breakthrough in Soft Laser Therapy and is recommended for both professional and personal treatment and recommended by leading Doctors.

A new adjustable stand helps to hold the Device in place.

B-CURE LASER patent: An Exclusive electro-optic mechanism which combines a high power and full coherence of the laser beam, covering a large area of 4.5 cm2, in a portable, rechargeable, safe and easy-to-use device, resulting in fast healing and recovery .No goggles are required.


B-Cure Laser- Efficient treatment of Orthopedic conditions, Pain and Rehabilitation – Easy and safe for home use.

B-Cure Laser PRO- for the treatment of Acute and Chronic wounds, including Diabetic Foot Ulcers – Increased laser emission, 5 joules per minute.

B-Cure Laser Sport – the professional solution for orthopedic conditions, sports pain, and sports injuries. It is the official Medical Device of the Israeli Olympic committee following a series of successes in treating professional athletes and sportsmen


Objectives: To find Partners for a joint venture/ Distributors.
Target Businesses: Hard to heal wound clinics, Hospitals, Home Care services, end users for self-treatments at home, Pharmacies – a unique business model, Pain clinics, Sports teams and Associations, sports men, athletes, security forces, nursing homes, Physiotherapists, Dentists.
Target Countries: Worldwide-all countries. In some countries we have already distributors for one or more of our models.