B-Cure Laser

Therapeutic Area(s):
General Health, General Surgery, Dermatology and Aesthetics, Diabetics Orthopedic, Wound Management, Inflammation, Oral & Dental Care, Rehabilitation, Veterinary
Company Status:
Revenue Growth

Company at a Glance

B-CURE LASER is the world’s first portable, Low Level Laser medical device, WITH THE HEALING POWER OF A CLINIC. Our goal is to bring innovation in treatment, care, and quality of life. In January 2010 B-Cure Laser received the European CE 0120 approval for the following indications: knee pain, neck pain, pain in lower and upper back, sports injuries, muscle pain, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation, wound healing, burns, fresh surgical scars, post-pregnancy stretch marks,
Acne, Herpes simplex, Dental Medicine, Acupuncture. B-CURE LASER (an Israeli development and patent) is recommended by leading medical specialists in leading pain clinics, wound healing clinics, orthopedic departments.

Technology & Product(s)

B-Cure Laser-Low Level Laser Treatment:
B-CURE LASER is a technological breakthrough in Soft Laser Therapy for the above mentioned indications and recommended for both professional and personal treatment.
B-CURE LASER is the perfect solution for home care and self-treatment, it is extremely simple to use and completely safe. Our patent exclusive electro-optic mechanism is an exceptional combination between high power and full coherence of the laser beam, covering a large area of 4.5 cm2, in a portable, rechargeable, safe and easy-to-use device, resulting in fast healing and recovery.

B-Cure Laser- Efficient treatment of Orthopedic problems, Pain and Rehabilitation – Easy and safe for home use.
B-Cure Laser PRO- Exclusively for Health Practitioners – Increased laser emission, 5 joules per minute. For orthopedic clinics, physiotherapists and diabetic wound care.
B-Cure Laser Sport Pro– Your professional solution for orthopedic pain and sports injuries. The choice of the Israeli Olympic committee following a series of successes in treating professional athletes and is the ultimate solution for the treatments of pain and injuries deriving from high pressure use in professional and amateur sportsman.


Objectives: Partners/Distributors
Target Businesses: Consumers, end users for self-treatments at home, pharmacies – a unique business model, clinics, hospitals, sports teams, sports men, athletes, security forces, home care, nursing homes, Physiotherapists, wound management clinics, Dentists.
Target Countries: Worldwide. In some countries we have already distributors for one or more of our models.