B-Cure Laser

Medical Devices, Medical Equipment
Diabetics, Oral & Dental Care, Inflammation, Orthopedic, Wound Management, Veterinary, Rehabilitation

Stop the pain and heal its source

“B-Cure Laser” is a break-through Innovation in the laser technology, a Patented mobile Medical device presented by an International company in the fields of:

  • Pain Management / orthopaedic conditions / musculoskeletal conditions with the devices “Classic” and “Sport”
  • Wounds Inc. hard to heal / diabetic ulcers / pressure wounds with the devices “Pro”
  • Dental for Dentists
  • Vet for Veterinarians


A Systematic literature supports the outstanding efficacy of B-Cure Laser vs all medical Photomedicine devices for Home use worldwide for the treatment of pain and wound healing.

The efficacy of the different models is supported by a great double blind clinical trials re-sults. All models have CE mark.

B-Cure Laser : The Main study findings

Sapienza University in Rome:
The same efficacy as medication, without the adverse effects

University of Parma:
%50 decrease in pain level within two weeks compared to %8 in the control group



A significant decline in the number of patients suffering from “severe pain”.

San Paulo University:
Effective in rehabilitation and treatment of inflammations, and reduction of post-operative pain.

Hadassah Jerusalem Hospital

12 weeks of daily B-Cure Laser Pro treatments significantly decrease wound size in patients with diabetic foot ulcers compared to sham irradiated controls.