Aqueduct Medical Ltd.

Therapeutic Area(s):
Gynecology, Obstetrics, Women’s Health
Company Status:
Initial Revenues

Company at a Glance

Aqueduct Medical’s first product is an innovative cervical dilator. The two most common methods for dilating the cervix- Hegar’s rods and Laminaria- either require anesthesia for a painful process involving the insertion of metal or plastic rods of increasing diameter or take a long time to work and involve two visits to the doctor. Each dilation of the cervical canal exposes the patient to discomfort, causes damage to the muscular and collagenous fibers of the cervix and carries other potential complications.
Aqueduct Medical’s solution combines the advantages of both methods – it enables radial dilation (as with Laminaria) within minutes (as with Hegar’s rods).
The safety and efficacy of the device have been demonstrated in a formal 50-case clinical trial conducted in Spain during 2015. The device is currently used in 4 post marketing trials in Italy and Spain focusing on Hysteroscopies, Abortions and Embryo transfer procedures. These trials will validate the Company’s product as the optimal solution for patients undergoing cervical dilation prior to intrauterine procedures and are expected to be published in Q4 2016 and Q1 2017.

Technology & Product(s)

Aqueduct’s solution involves using balloons inserted into the cervix with a 2.7mm in diameter catheter, then inflated with saline solution resulting in a gentle and gradual dilation of the cervical canal. With more than 250 documented procedures, the following advantages were demonstrated:

  • Easy to operate and fast dilation procedure:
    Provides gradual and uniform dilation to a predetermined diameter within minutes
  • Single act of insertion through the cervix:
    Reduces the risk of infection, perforation, and cervical incompetence.
  • Can be used outside the OR with no need for local or general anesthesia:
    Potential to take procedures out of the OR into outpatient or clinic.

Aqueduct’s device is unique in that it is based on bio-mechanical principals of radial dilation and combines the advantages of current dilation methods while eliminating the disadvantages associated with those methods.
The device offers doctors and patients rapid and safe procedure with reduced risk of complications and reduced patient discomfort following the procedure.
The catheter’s innovating dilation method is patent protected.
The device is CE approved and FDA approval is expected in July 2016.
The device is currently used in USA, France, Spain, Italy and Poland.


Objectives: Finding distributors, Finding strategic partners.
Target Businesses: Manufacturers of OB/GYN products, distributors.
Target Countries: Europe, USA.