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ANV Laser turns preliminary designs into prototypes in as little as three days. Our intimate understanding of production processes and of the material properties often significantly shortens learning curves and time-to-market. We provide a full package of services: precision laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, and advanced thermal and chemical treatments. We work in a wide range of specialized metals, on all possible geometries, and on tubular and flat raw materials. As required, we assemble and package products in our Class 7 cleanrooms (ISO14644).

Precision Laser Cutting: No matter how small or complex the micro-component, ANV Laser’s team knows exactly how to adapt and implement the precision laser cutting process for optimal results. We have extensive experience in working with specialized metal raw materials such as Nitinol (NiTi), cobal t-chrome, titanium, stainless steel, etc.

Laser Drilling: ANV Laser has developed proprietary micro drilling techniques to optimize the laser drilling of nozzles, orifices and other micro-holes. We achieve very high accuracies in hole diameter and taper for a wide variety of applications, including drill holes at very acute angles to the surface.

Laser Welding: It is not unusual for a micro-component to be comprised of several laser-cut elements that are then welded into a single end-product. ANV Laser’s precision laser welding team has the equipment and expertise to meet the needs of even the most complex components.

href=””>Shape Memory & Nitinol Heat Treatment: ANV Laser’s team designs and manufactures customized shape-setting mandrels or jigs that are used to achieve the required final dimensions. Whether undergoing shape-setting and/or annealing treatments, at ANV Laser your micro-components will retain the unique Nitinol elasticity and shape memory properties that can be compromised if the production process is not carried out properly.

Chemical & Electro-chemical Treatment: ANV Laser provides specialized chemical and electro-chemical surface treatments that are tailor-made to the very specific needs of each end-product. Our highly experienced team has developed in-house equipment and processes that are unique to ANV Laser.

Quality Inspection: ANV Laser’s Quality Department is equipped to carry out all the necessary tests as determined by the customer from geometric dimensions to electro-polish parameters to Austenite Final temperature (Af).