Pharma Sept ltd.

Company at a Glance Pharma Sept brings to the market high-quality surgical covers and drapes that eliminate the risk of patient cross contamination and keep surgical equipment downtime to a minimum. With more than 20 years of experience as a leading manufacturer, we have developed disposable surgical products that are used by the finest medical institutions. […]

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Upright Technologies Ltd.

Company at a Glance Upright Technologies Ltd. is a biofeedback consumer electronic company, incorporated in 2014, that has launched its first product, the UPRIGHT Trainer, in Dec. 2015 with a goal of solving one of the main epidemics of the modern era, Poor posture and back-pain. Poor posture is the #1 cause for back pain […]

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Tyto Care

Company at a Glance TytoCare is a remote examination tool and telehealth platform that enables a comprehensive examination of the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and temperature, anwhere and anytime.  Our mission is to delight consumers and clinicians alike by delivering easy, affordable and high quality telehealth visits, complete with medical exams, all from the […]

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Polycart Medical

Company at a Glance Polycart Medical has completed years of research and development and is proud to present POLYAB PL0211. Our production technologies enable the design and manufacture of components of various sizes and designs, tailored to the system that the manufacturers require to provide an antibacterial solution for the patient environment. Technology & Product(s) […]

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Pangolin Medical

Company at a Glance Pangolin Medical develops and manufactures a bio-mimetic heart simulator with a complete endovascular system and simulators of the Gastro intestinal tract. Pangolin simulators are a powerful tool for physician training, high risk procedures, R&D, education and presentations. The bio-mimetic simulators are anatomically correct replicas of the endovascular circulatory system. They are […]

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Lumenis Ltd.

Company at a Glance Lumenis is the world’s largest energy-based medical device company for surgical, ophthalmology and aesthetic solutions. As an international leader in the development and commercialization of innovative energy-based technologies, including laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radio-Frequency (RF) and Ultrasound, Lumenis has redefined medical treatments and set numerous technological and clinical gold standards. […]

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Company at a Glance DYN R&D was founded in 2002 as the development and commercialization branch of DYN Diagnostics Group. Since 1990, DYN Diagnostics has been one of the largest distributers in Israel of leading international brands in the fields of In-Vitro Diagnosis, Medical Devices, Disposables and more. The innovative atmosphere that constantly pushes the Israeli […]

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VitalGo Systems Ltd.

Company at a Glance VitalGo is committed to developing and implementing advanced products for the medical market and aging population. Our innovative and patent protected designs set new standards in patient care by preventing many medical complications. The company’s flagship product is the “Total Lift Bed”, the most advanced bed in the market, answering in […]

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Via Surgical, Ltd.

Company at a Glance Via Surgical Ltd. provides next-generation fixation technology for hernia repair. Realizing that many hernia repairs make use of multiple means for mesh fixation — anchor/helical hernia tacks, manually applied transfascial sutures — Via Surgical has developed a revolutionary fixation technology, FasTouch™ fixation system that provides deployable transfascial suture fixation that is […]

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Company at a Glance Viasonix is an international leader in providing high-end vascular diagnosis systems. Viasonix 2 main product families include the Falcon product line for peripheral vascular diagnosis (PVD), and the Dolphin product line for advanced Transcranial Doppler (TCD) measurements. Our Falcon product family is already successfully distributed internationally in 5 continents, while the […]

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