TechCare Ltd.

Company at a Glance TechCare is engaged in the development, commercialization and marketing of revolutionary treatment methods which enable the elimination of household pests. Its first revolutionary product is the NEAT, a proprietary solution which enables the rapid, natural and effective elimination of head lice and nits, while providing a highly accessible, cost-effective product. This […]

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Company at a Glance TavTech pioneering Jetechnolgy for endless applications is based on aviation and space science principles. Device takes water or agent, accelerates it using pressurized air to subsonic velocities. With a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the  ccelerated liquid into micro-droplets. The jet-stream gently and painlessly touches the treated skin or tissue to desired effect. […]

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Company at a Glance SION Medical Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of single-use skin cleansing and dermatologic treatment, advanced wound care and surgical solutions for the professional health care sector. The company focuses its attention on the development of skin asepsis solutions, generic creams, ointments and gels for topical dermatologic and wound applications. We currently […]

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Company at a Glance Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd. is one of the largest non-woven needle punch producers in the Middle East. Established in 1967, it supplies various fabrics/substrates for medical use including: soaped sponge/gloves, antibacterial cleaning cloth, white needle punch for personal care and cloth for cosmetic applications. Among Noam Urim’s clients are wet wipes […]

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Company at a Glance Founded in 2004, EarlySense is the market leader in contact-free and continuous monitoring technology. Validated in peer-reviewed studies and hospital installations around the world, EarlySense’s unique, sensing technology continuously monitors patients’ vital signs to improve care, save lives and reduce costs. EarlySense’s FDA/CE-cleared products have been successfully applied in numerous healthcare  […]

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