Tyto Care

Company at a Glance TytoCare is a remote examination tool and telehealth platform that enables a comprehensive examination of the heart, lungs, skin, ears, throat and temperature, anwhere and anytime.  Our mission is to delight consumers and clinicians alike by delivering easy, affordable and high quality telehealth visits, complete with medical exams, all from the […]

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Polycart Medical

Company at a Glance Polycart Medical has completed years of research and development and is proud to present POLYAB PL0211. Our production technologies enable the design and manufacture of components of various sizes and designs, tailored to the system that the manufacturers require to provide an antibacterial solution for the patient environment. Technology & Product(s) […]

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VitalGo Systems Ltd.

Company at a Glance VitalGo is committed to developing and implementing advanced products for the medical market and aging population. Our innovative and patent protected designs set new standards in patient care by preventing many medical complications. The company’s flagship product is the “Total Lift Bed”, the most advanced bed in the market, answering in […]

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TopoCare Ltd.

Company at a Glance Topocare is an innovative developer in the home use medical device field. Our products and development design to answer needs, innovative, life improving and commercially weaners. Using its team leader’s long experience in international development and marketing for the medical arena and its engineering capacity TopoCare able to pass our partners […]

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Shekel Scales Ltd.

Company at a Glance Shekel Scales Ltd., established in 1977, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of electronic scales, advanced weighing systems, and force measurement applications. Since its inception, Shekel has grown steadily to establish its position as a significant innovation leader in the market. Shekel’s outstanding combination of sophisticated software and […]

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Company at a Glance Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd. is one of the largest non-woven needle punch producers in the Middle East. Established in 1967, it supplies various fabrics/substrates for medical use including: soaped sponge/gloves, antibacterial cleaning cloth, white needle punch for personal care and cloth for cosmetic applications. Among Noam Urim’s clients are wet wipes […]

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Mizra Medical

Company at a Glance Mizra Medical is a manufacturer of High quality dip latex products, Medical disposable products, male external catheter, urology accessories products, Monofiliment test, Developing new produces, ISO 9001 13485 CE FDA certified. We welcome OEM. Mizra Medical provide High quality products and service Technology & Product(s) High quality dip latex products, Medical […]

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Company at a Glance HealthWatch Ltd. is a medical device company, dedicated to developing next generation wearable monitoring solutions, designed to enhance personal safety and reduce risk for general care patients. Using emerging connectivity technologies, the products seamlessly and transparently secure personal health around the clock, to immediately notify both patients and medical professionals when […]

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Exalenz Bioscience

Company at a Glance Exalenz Bioscience Ltd. develops and commercializes advanced systems that extract vital information for diagnostics from subtle changes in the patient’s exhaled breath based on its BreathID™ technology platform. These products improve the quality of patient care, enhance clinic and medical center efficiencies and fuel revenue generation. Our proprietary core technology enables […]

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CNOGA Medical Ltd.

Company at a Glance CNOGA Medical Ltd., a privately owned Israeli company develope & distribute innovative Non Invasive medical monitor devices. The unique algorithm analyze the image sensor data to provide 14 Bio Parameters analysis. Cnoga devices are portable and easy to use. Patient simply place his finger in the device and the automatic measurement […]

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