Pharma Sept ltd.

Company at a Glance Pharma Sept brings to the market high-quality surgical covers and drapes that eliminate the risk of patient cross contamination and keep surgical equipment downtime to a minimum. With more than 20 years of experience as a leading manufacturer, we have developed disposable surgical products that are used by the finest medical institutions. […]

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Via Surgical, Ltd.

Company at a Glance Via Surgical Ltd. provides next-generation fixation technology for hernia repair. Realizing that many hernia repairs make use of multiple means for mesh fixation — anchor/helical hernia tacks, manually applied transfascial sutures — Via Surgical has developed a revolutionary fixation technology, FasTouch™ fixation system that provides deployable transfascial suture fixation that is […]

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Company at a Glance TavTech pioneering Jetechnolgy for endless applications is based on aviation and space science principles. Device takes water or agent, accelerates it using pressurized air to subsonic velocities. With a special hand-piece-nozzle breaks the  ccelerated liquid into micro-droplets. The jet-stream gently and painlessly touches the treated skin or tissue to desired effect. […]

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Company at a Glance SION Medical Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of single-use skin cleansing and dermatologic treatment, advanced wound care and surgical solutions for the professional health care sector. The company focuses its attention on the development of skin asepsis solutions, generic creams, ointments and gels for topical dermatologic and wound applications. We currently […]

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Company at a Glance Noam Urim Enterprises Ltd. is one of the largest non-woven needle punch producers in the Middle East. Established in 1967, it supplies various fabrics/substrates for medical use including: soaped sponge/gloves, antibacterial cleaning cloth, white needle punch for personal care and cloth for cosmetic applications. Among Noam Urim’s clients are wet wipes […]

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Mizra Medical

Company at a Glance Mizra Medical is a manufacturer of High quality dip latex products, Medical disposable products, male external catheter, urology accessories products, Monofiliment test, Developing new produces, ISO 9001 13485 CE FDA certified. We welcome OEM. Mizra Medical provide High quality products and service Technology & Product(s) High quality dip latex products, Medical […]

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Guide In Medical

Company at a Glance Guide In Medical is a medical device company engaged in the respiratory field, developing a guided intubation device. The system enables a clear identification of the trachea, fast, accurate and safe intubations even in difficult situations where visualization of the trachea is limited. Guide In Medical secured $750K in 2015 from […]

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Core Scientific Creations Ltd.

Company at a Glance Core Scientific Creations develops and manufacturing medical device in the field of Advanced Bleeding control. It is our mission to change the way bleeding is treated in the hospital, in the field and at home. We save lives by developing cutting edge technologies to control all types of bleeding faster, safer […]

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Aqueduct Medical Ltd.

Company at a Glance Aqueduct Medical’s first product is an innovative cervical dilator. The two most common methods for dilating the cervix- Hegar’s rods and Laminaria- either require anesthesia for a painful process involving the insertion of metal or plastic rods of increasing diameter or take a long time to work and involve two visits […]

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Allium Medical

Company at a Glance Advanced Minimally Invasive Products Description: Allium Medical Solutions Ltd., a publicly traded company in TASE, develops, manufactures and internationally markets, from its premises in Caesarea Israel. Our business currently includes 4 distinct product lines: Cardiovascular Urology and Continence Care Uro-Gynecology and Pelvic Reconstruction Gastroenterology. Technology & Product(s) Allium® Site Specific Stents […]

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