Pangolin Medical

Company at a Glance Pangolin Medical develops and manufactures a bio-mimetic heart simulator with a complete endovascular system and simulators of the Gastro intestinal tract. Pangolin simulators are a powerful tool for physician training, high risk procedures, R&D, education and presentations. The bio-mimetic simulators are anatomically correct replicas of the endovascular circulatory system. They are […]

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Company at a Glance Viasonix is an international leader in providing high-end vascular diagnosis systems. Viasonix 2 main product families include the Falcon product line for peripheral vascular diagnosis (PVD), and the Dolphin product line for advanced Transcranial Doppler (TCD) measurements. Our Falcon product family is already successfully distributed internationally in 5 continents, while the […]

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TopoCare Ltd.

Company at a Glance Topocare is an innovative developer in the home use medical device field. Our products and development design to answer needs, innovative, life improving and commercially weaners. Using its team leader’s long experience in international development and marketing for the medical arena and its engineering capacity TopoCare able to pass our partners […]

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Company at a Glance OB-TOOLS LTD is an Israeli based company founded in 2003. The company is a leading innovator in uterine contractions monitoring. The company is dedicated to improving the well-being of pregnant women and fetal health through the continuous development of high quality and reliable uterine contraction and fetal heart rate monitoring devices. […]

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Mennen Medical & MTRE

Company at a Glance Mennen Medical Ltd. is a leader manufacturer in patient monitoring, diagnostic instrumentation, clinical information systems for hospital based cardiac catheterization, targeted temperature management (cooling and warming) and a non invasive solution for measuring bilirubin in neonates. Mennen Medical also provides its unique technologies and services to other medical devices manufactures in […]

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Medasense Biometrics Ltd.

Company at a Glance Medasense meets the clinical need to objectively assess pain. Pain affects quality of life for millions of patients. Unmanaged pain delays recovery, increases morbidity and mortality, and overburdens healthcare resources. Objective pain monitoring, which is believed to become a standard of care, will revolutionize pain management by enabling optimization and personalization […]

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Hisense Ltd.

Company at a Glance Hisense Ltd. is a privately held, medical device company active in development, manufacturing and marketing of health monitoring baby products. The company is active in detection and prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) being the leading cause of death in basically healthy infants up to one year of age. Company’s […]

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Hip Hope Technologies

Company at a Glance Hip Hope Technologies Ltd. (HHT) is the developer of Hip Hope™, a revolutionary wearable device, intended to reduce fall impacts causing hip fractures in seniors suffering from conditions such as low bone density (osteoporosis) and loss of balance related fall events. Hip fracture is the common most severe fracture among elderly […]

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Company at a Glance HealthWatch Ltd. is a medical device company, dedicated to developing next generation wearable monitoring solutions, designed to enhance personal safety and reduce risk for general care patients. Using emerging connectivity technologies, the products seamlessly and transparently secure personal health around the clock, to immediately notify both patients and medical professionals when […]

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GlucoMe Ltd.

Company at a Glance GlucoMe™’s vision is to simplify diabetes management and treatment in order to improve outcomes and reduce costs. GlucoMe™ provides an ecosystem that empowers and connects the patient, caregivers, healthcare providers and payers. Its comprehensive platform combines diabetes monitoring hardware, mobile software and bigdata cloud computing infrastructure. The GlucoMe™ solution enables better […]

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