Integrity Applications Ltd.

Company at a Glance Integrity Applications has developed a non-invasive blood glucose monitor. The device utilizes a patented combination of ultrasonic, electromagnetic, and thermal technologies which measure three distinct criteria to provide a glucose measurement. GlucoTrack enables diabetics to measure their glucose levels without drawing blood. A small sensor clips comfortably to the ear lobe […]

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GlucoMe Ltd.

Company at a Glance GlucoMe™’s vision is to simplify diabetes management and treatment in order to improve outcomes and reduce costs. GlucoMe™ provides an ecosystem that empowers and connects the patient, caregivers, healthcare providers and payers. Its comprehensive platform combines diabetes monitoring hardware, mobile software and bigdata cloud computing infrastructure. The GlucoMe™ solution enables better […]

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CNOGA Medical Ltd.

Company at a Glance CNOGA Medical Ltd., a privately owned Israeli company develope & distribute innovative Non Invasive medical monitor devices. The unique algorithm analyze the image sensor data to provide 14 Bio Parameters analysis. Cnoga devices are portable and easy to use. Patient simply place his finger in the device and the automatic measurement […]

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BRH Medical, Ltd.

Company at a Glance BRH Medical is a high technology startup developing innovative products for the care and treatment of chronic wounds. Founded by Ilan Fefferberg, a serial entrepreneur, and headed by Motti Oderberg, a successful businessman and entrepreneur, the company’s goal is to develop the gold standard in chronic wound treatment and become a […]

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B-Cure Laser

Company at a Glance B-CURE LASER is the world’s first portable, Low Level Laser medical device, WITH THE HEALING POWER OF A CLINIC. Our goal is to bring innovation in treatment, care, and quality of life. In January 2010 B-Cure Laser received the European CE 0120 approval for the following indications: knee pain, neck pain, […]

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